The Masterpiece of Art

Written 1998-2000


Artists we all are born,
in ourselves being art,
destined for the one objective
to shape the soul and body of our being
following the toilsome path to beauty
by listening to our lonely heart.

Yet we find ourselves forever searching
for the truthful sense and meaning
of life and death and god
for within the depths of lonesome hours
we have oil and canvas but no picture
and ink and paper but no word.

And while we listen, paint and write
and throw away to begin yet one more time
we suffer trials and tribulations, suffer humility and pain
with faith and hope but distant memories
for the outcome of our toil
appears meaningless and weak and vain.

But then one day so unexpected and unforeseen,
we awake to find another lonely person
who attracts us with an undiscovered beauty
giving us the picture, giving us the long lost word,
and waking up the loving heart
which is what we were searching for:

The masterpiece of art.