The Little Man Dancing in My Heart

With every cockcrow
God, My Friend,
He is always singing:
“Show me around.
Show me around again.”

For more than fourteen thousand daysprings
My Friend, the Little Man, has patiently
Waited by the door
Until I understood that my yearning
Was not for Him
But for me
To burst wide open
Like a rose falling apart.
That is what allow Him
To look out of the window
Of my heart.

This morning, waking up
No longer was a chore
I did not have to drag myself
As I did before
Together from the corners of the universe.

Now I am right there and wide awake
To my Work of carrying
God, my Friend, the Little Man.
I am His royal litter, His sedan chair,
My heart his lookout
Where He leaps and crows excitedly,
“Here I already am.
Now, take me over there
Where I am becoming some more.
And over there,”
He beams pointing far ahead,
“I will have one day been so much.”

The dancing makes me dizzy
And I stumble and I fall,
“Oh,” God says with pity
And looks up at me,
“Please get up again.
It’s through you I am.
Get up and show me around.
Show me round some more
And more and more.”

And I get up and we dance
Like old lovers
Not sure whether I’m leading Him
Or He leads me.
But always in love with each other.
God in love with me and
I in love with God, my Little Friend,
Who grows and grows inside my heart
And my heart because of him.

We dance in and out of noon.
We dance the night away.
Towards where I will cease
And He will Be
Towards my last, His youngest day.