A talk and conversation for the Holos Earth Project on 22nd September 2022

Is there a possibility for human beings to play a part in the unfolding of greater wholeness, of more life and beauty, as agents at the edge of becoming?

Marcus Link’s thoughtful narrative develops the principles of regeneration into a deeper meaning-making towards an ethos about our relationships: to ourselves, to each other, to nature and planet Earth, to the artefacts of our daily lives.

He positions this against the growing number of thinking people who express the sentiment that we as a human species don’t deserve to exist. This is supported by the compelling case of our destruction of the planetary ecology and the challenging consequences we are increasingly experiencing.

Is there a different way of looking at our human footprint and our potential for transformed collective behaviour to a positive impact? Is there any hope that we indeed might become a beneficial species on planet Earth?

Whilst the grave question to be examined concerns our impact on the greater planetary ecosystem, it also begs the question whether we as humans indeed have a generative role to play in the holistic scheme of things.