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“…and when we no longer know which way to go,/ we have begun our real journey.”
Wendell Berry

Guide to this Fool’s Journey

Guide to this Fool’s Journey

This is a soul recovery project. A work-in-progress. An often autobiographical journey into the liminal space at the edge of the unconscious, deep psychology, philosophy, poetry, mysticism, alchemy and more.

There are two central characters to this blog: the Boy and the Fool. The blog is a collection of essays, short stories and poems which trace their relationship and journey together.

I had not conceived of it this way. But looking back, it was always clear that this was what I was working towards. How this can be so is traced throughout the pieces which weave together to make up the world which the Fool and the Boy inhabit. It is this world which I had needed to access but also had no idea that it existed. In order to access it I first needed to be able to see it before me and in writing about the detail, the landscape began to emerge.

Did I create this world? Or, did it already exist and I merely described it? I believe it is the latter. In order to have been able to write about it, I first had to be able to see and experience it.

This space in which this world existed even before I wrote of it is also called the mythopoetic matrix. It is the matrix which when brought to life and lived within, when ensouled, is the soul itself, my most subtle organ which allows me to see with inner eyes.

I have sketched the Fool in a series of essays entitled The Way of the Fool. I have described The Boy in a series of short stories which are part of the collection about A Boy Called Wild.

Everything here is imbued with paradoxes: it is raw but refined, personal but also about everyman, flawed and incomplete but also about the possibility of a development towards wholeness — and wholeness is the Fool’s business.

That is why I have a wish for you: may you find yourself touched by the Fool.

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