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“To strengthen what is right in a fool is a holy task.”

Copyright – Invitation to Copy in the Right Way

Articles, essays, poems, short stories & other blog posts

All the blog posts on this site, unless otherwise specified, are created by Marcus Link and Marcus Link holds the full copyright.

I invite you to engage with my work with non-attachment and deep attention from your authentic self and in service to the greater whole.

May your voice be kindled. May your soul be touched. May you find solace or inspiration. Whatever you find, it is yours.

Readers may disseminate any part of text contained herewith for teaching, coaching or quoting purposes without the permission of the author. However, please do not reprint or publish the text contained herewith with the intent of reselling the content.

The author does not take responsibility for any misunderstanding or consequences that may arise out of interpretations or extractions of the text contained herewith.

So, please feel free to quote, copy, distribute and integrate as you feel called to do as long as you DO NOT REPRINT OR PUBLISH THE CONTENT ORIGINATED HERE WITH THE INTENT OF RESELLING OR OTHERWISE GAINING COMMERCIALLY.

May our creativity run freely from the source, with non-attachment. It is not free, but it is priceless. You are welcome.

If you want to let me know that you are inspired by my work or working with it, you can let me know by emailing me at ml@foolsjourney.me.

Bearing the above in mind, feel free to quote liberally and feel free to link back to the original source when you do so. Feel free to tell me if you do. I will fee free to write about your work as well.

If my work has touched you and inspires respect in you and you feel called to support my livelihood, I invite you to consider the practice of “+1” (plus one): let nothing end in a “0” (zero); create a new cycle of giving and receiving by making it “+1” (plus one), with non-attachment to any particular outcome and openness to what you may receive.

That is how I give it forward.


I do my best to seek permission and reference any sources for all illustrations and images on the site. Should you for some reason not agree or no longer agree with an image being used on this site, please simply get in touch by email to ml@foolsjourney.me and I will remove it posthaste.

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