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“The life of every man is a way to himself, an attempt at a way, the suggestion of a path.”
Hermann Hesse

About the Quantum Poet

It is good to meet you.

I’m Marcus Demetrius Link.
I am a holistic thinker, writer, and entrepreneur.

I’m an introvert. My hero is the Fool. I am also deeply engaged in the outer world.

My milieu is the edge, culturally, ecologically, socially, creatively.
I am in my element in the liminal space between things where the flows and patterns fuse to evolve that which is becoming.

Everything here is about maps of meaning and pattern portals, inner journeys and modes of transportation, the transformation of being and the surrender to becoming. Most of all, it is about wholeness.

I draw on a wide-ranging library which covers philosophy, literature, science, religion, psychology, ecology, economics, art and music, alchemy, mysticism, symbology and more. It seems like a long list. But, when you consider that these are all just different ways of knowing and experiencing life, it amounts quite simply to a holistic perspective where living wholeness is the central concern.

I continuously update my library (aka My Hall of Fools) with quotes and references to the work of the thinkers, creatives and writers who inspire me and on whose shoulders I stand.

In this way, over the years, my enquiries have led to a sense of myself as an agent at the universal edge of becoming in service of wholeness, beauty, and life.

On a pilgrimage to the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi in 2021, I was given the pseudonym “Quantum Poet” because of the way meaning arises from the poetic fabric I weave together out of different subject matters into ways of seeing things.

My work as a creative thinker at the edge of tomorrow also informs my role as co-founder of both New Foundation Farms and the Holos Earth Project.

I used to struggle with a sense of being split between my life in the outer world of business as an entrepreneur and my life as a writer and researcher on the inner journey. I now recognise that both are expressions of the same creative engagement with the nature of life which simply express themselves in different arenas of the same existence. I have come to understand that everything I do flows from the same source.

Born on the west coast of Ireland in 1978, I grew up in Middle Germany, and now live on Dartmoor in England.

Who are you?

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For more

There is a growing collection of talks and podcast conversations I have contributed to which may be useful to get a sense of where I am coming from in an easily accessible format.

You can find out more about my perspective and ethos in my creative manifesto.

There is also a guide to this website and blog although it is becoming a little dated and needs some TLC.


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